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How We’ll Help Bring Change to Education in Bihar

In rural Bihar, India, many students rely on local private primary schools that operate on small, infrequent donations from individuals for their
education. Without reliable funding, these schools struggle to keep their doors open and meet basic student needs.


Bihar is among the poorest states in India. Per capita income averages less than $2 a day, the World Bank’s definition of the global poverty rate, and more than half of school-aged children are malnourished.

For students, low income means that basic needs like school supplies, clothing and shoes are often of poor quality and unreliable. Their most consistent meal of the day may come from the schools we support.
KSWF funds meal programs and the purchase of school supplies and uniforms so students can worry less about basic needs and devote more of their time to education.
For schools, the infrequent flow of small, individual donations creates an uncertain future. KSWF provides funding to support monthly budgets for teacher salaries, utilities, classroom materials and building maintenance to ensure that schools can continue to meet the needs of students in Bihar.


These schools often lack funding to provide teachers with a competitive salary, and student/teacher ratios may be unacceptably high.

For most students, the school building is the focal point of their young lives. In Bihar, school buildings are often simple brick structures with one or two rooms and bench seating for students. When enrollment grows, additional classes are held on open-air rooftops.

By addressing the needs of each individual student and the collective school, your donations will ensure that every child has the chance to grow.