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orphanage care

Orphanage Care

What do you know about orphanages?

We want to help people better understand why children end up in well-run orphanages, how they get there, and what happens after they arrive. Many view orphanages as a home for children with no living parents. Orphanages have and do care for parentless children but they also care for children with living parents, just like the foster care program in the United States.
So are the children in the homes we support orphans or not? Good question. Some have one or both parents, some have neither. Unfortunately, some parents don’t provide their children with the care they need to become healthy functioning adults.
Here are some reasons why children end up in orphanages:

  • They have no living parents.
  • They were not receiving proper care from their parents.
  • They were victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Their parents were incarcerated.

We have learnt and experienced through our projects the value of effort in our actions. Our endeavour is to reach out to as many donors & volunteers as possible to help us bring the much needed change in society. Through our activities we help others to experience the happiness which comes from doing a noble deed.
The help and support which rose from individuals, corporations, institutions, societies and government offices have been be the building blocks of our various development projects that we have initiated in different parts of India. Overview of our Projects